LIVE Argentina team set to debut third star after World Cup title: ‘It’s a pride’

The Sub 20 players will officially debut the Argentina kit in the South American League (Photo: AFA)
The Sub 20 players will officially debut the Argentina kit in the South American League (Photo: AFA)

It’s part of a modern detail associated with marketing, but that doesn’t stop being an important piece in this era. the Argentina national team is about to release a new detail on his shirt. In this case it will not only be a change of aesthetics or conformation, since the model will remain the same as in the World Cup, but from this Saturday the jersey of the Albiceleste The third star is officially worn as a synonym for the trophy raised in Qatar a month before.

The U20 squad, commanded by Javier Mascherano, will wear this updated edition of the jacket for the first time at the Debut against Paraguay this Saturday for the South American Sub 20 which takes place in Colombia and jeopardizes the ticket to the world championship of the category, which will be held in Indonesia in the middle of the year.

“It will be something very nice to have the third star and to be the first to wear this jersey.”previously acknowledged Infobae Ignacio Master PuchForward who played in the subordinates of Independently and works in it Atlético Tucuman.

Another of the footballers called by Javier Mascherano who will have this honor will be Gino Infanta, who pointed out this particular fact that will have her as a protagonist: “When you’re on the field, forget, but it’s true. After becoming champions, we are next to represent the three-star team.” “We haven’t seen it yet”he had admitted in a press conference before the trip Colombia the talented player of Rosario Central. With some concern about this historical fact they may relate in the future, he confirmed: “We drew it last…”.

The wait is over for the boys little boss, because hours before the debut, the official photo was taken with the long-awaited Argentina jersey with the third star. They wore the brand’s updated three-stripe model, which highlights the new star above the previous two.

The truth is that this event will have historical overtones because it will be the first Argentina national team which the star will wear after the title is achieved. These symbols weren’t common on kits until recently. For example him Germany World Cup 2006 was the first World Cup where the national cast wore the stars for the 1978 and 1986 coronations. Previously, between 1990 and 2002, the shield appeared at official tournaments without a star, highlighting the titles. The first massive incursion of this detail in clothing occurred during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the America’s Cup 2005.

The Argentina national team jersey with the two stars on the chest worn for the first time by Argentina at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games (Photo: Getty Images)
The Argentina national team jersey with the two stars on the chest worn for the first time by Argentina at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games (Photo: Getty Images)

This new jersey went on sale back last December by the brand that clothes the team via their online store and sold out just two hours after it was announced. The members AdiClub in Adidas They were the only privileged ones and there is still no exact date of when it was sold to the general public. On the other hand, the price of accessing it was known to be high $22,999 and we’ll have to wait to confirm if it will be the official amount for its premiere.

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In addition to the third star, it will have the Champion patch on the chest. This was implemented by FIFA from the 2010 World Cup where he wore it Italy. Argentina It will be the first non-European country to wear it up to and including the 2026 World Cup.

“We have the privilege of wearing the first jersey with the three stars on it. The consecration gave me great joy”explained the centre-forward villainAlejo Véliz and his partner Maximilian Gonzalezcentral midfielder who plays in lanuspraised this situation: “It’s a great source of pride, we know the history of this national team and how great it is.”

The flashes are focused on the performance of those commanded by the cast little boss in the Sudamericano, a competition offering four tickets World the category and three tickets for the Pan American Games From Chile. The scheduled day for this distinctive mark to appear on the field of play is this Saturday 21st from 6:00 p.m. Paraguayan inside Pascual Guerrero Stadium in Cali.

The excitement that the title won by the Major in Asia left in the fans will certainly draw more eyes than expected to this tournament, which will be held in Colombia. San Lorenzo winger Agustín Giay spoke to this medium about the possible tension that will weigh on her back: “It may be, but we don’t take it as pressure. We try to enjoy it. Now, if we’re not enjoying wearing the cutest t-shirt… we’re taking it easy. We try to enjoy it and make the most of it.”

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After this game is the Argentina national team will face the South American classic Brazil next Monday, January 23 at 9:30 p.m., will be measured on Wednesday, January 25 from 7:00 p.m. Peru and Group A will final against the host country on Friday 17th from 21:30 CEST.

You must finish the group stage in the top three places to advance hex end. There they collide with the other three classifieds from group B, consisting of Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela. It will be played in round robin mode and the top four will qualify for the World Cup in Indonesia while the top three will go to the World Cup Pan American Games. Both competitions will be held this year.

It is not yet officially known when Lionel Messi will wear the shirt with the three stars. In the next few days the calendar should be defined, although it is a fact that there will be games for the senior Argentina team next March. That will be the point for the champions team in Qatar to meet their people and at the same time start showing off the third star they have stitched.

The detail?  The training clothes are still with the two stars (Photo: AFA)
The detail? The training clothes are still with the two stars (Photo: AFA)

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