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Argentina vs France. America vs Europe: This Sunday another edition of the World Cup final in Qatarwhere only one of these two teams will win and achieve the highest recognition in football… for a few days.

Why? There is a protocol imposed by FIFA for the delivery of the trophy and what happens to it in the days after the World Cup final.

The world champion… will he get the trophy?

In simple words: Not. Since the design of the trophy changed at the 1974 World Cup in West Germany, the FIFA stipulated that no team may keep the original trophy.

“No country will be able to keep the current World Cup trophy permanently, as the rules stipulate remains owned by FIFA“, dictates the highest football institution, so it remains in custody in Zurich, Switzerland, headquarters of the International Federation of Association Soccer.

So what is the advantage that the winner of the World Cup gets? After the trophy is raised as world champions in football, the winning team keeps the trophy for a few days; later they have to return it and for that receive feedback.

When the time comes when the Siegerland has to give it back, it first arrives in Milan, Italy, to overtake it after the long journey it usually makes. when it’s done, it flies back to Switzerland.

How is the trophy delivered to the world champion country?

When the trophy is handed over, the winning team receives a replica of the trophy in return. The main differences are the type of material from which it is made The original is about 80 percent solid gold.

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The characteristics that the replica glass has are a Copper Zinc Mixture; this alloy is plated with three layers of 18k gold. This remains in the hands of the champions.

This edition of the World Cup would see Argentina and France searching for their third World Cup trophy, but only one of those nations will be able to lift the trophy again.